On February 25th, 2022, FromSoftware released the action RPG "Elden Ring", which received various awards worldwide and can be called a masterpiece of dark fantasy. Within this game, various items and equipment appear to aid the player. Designer Shinya Mukaijo from "Leathers & Treasures" chose a design he liked and transformed it into a leather-crafted piece. "Leathers & Treasures" follows the brand concept "God is in the details", while "Elden Ring" is a game that allows players to defeat demigods and ascend to the throne. These two powerful entities, who share a similar worldview, have now achieved a miraculous collaboration.

Founded in 1980 by the first designer, Dennis Pollicino, in LA, USA, it is the oldest luxury accessory brand in the men's jewelry industry. With "God is in the Details" as its brand concept, it creates warm and artistic pieces that do not lose their appeal even over time, like traditional antique jewelry from Europe, using outstanding techniques. The second-generation designer, Shinya Mukaijyo, who currently inherits the brand, is a highly acclaimed presence, having been selected as one of the 125 jewelry artists in Japan, and many people now come from overseas to seek his works. While faithfully inheriting the brand's concept and worldview, he continues to actively present works that incorporate delicate carvings and innovative gimmicks that have never been seen before, constantly emitting new charms.

Made-to-order only.

Collaboration Items.

ELDEN RING × LEATHERS AND TREASURES collaboration items are available for a limited time, and will be made-to-order only.

Ordering period: April 15th - May 31st, 2023. Expected delivery: Mid-July 2023.

Small Special Edition Ring ''Godfrey''

Ring size: Japanese sizes 5-19.

This is a ring that features one of the legendary talismans in the game, "Godfrey's Portrait," set into a special edition ring by Leathers & Treasures. The piece meticulously reproduces the first king, Godfrey, and his advisor, the Beast, with a focus on intricate details.

¥63,800(tax in)

Talisman of Lance Charm

Chain included.

Many players who frequently ride the tridents have equipped the "Lance Talisman" a charm featuring a distinctive design of a knight in armor on horseback, holding a lance, which is exactly the same as the item "Lance Talisman" that appears in Elden Ring. The charm is made of silver with a smoked finish, deliberately giving it a vintage atmosphere.

¥33,000(tax in)

Collaboration Special Box

ELDEN RING × LEATHERS AND TREASURESThe collaboration item will be delivered in a special box.

Box specifications: width 51mm, depth 59mm, height 48mm.Material: Leather paper (outer box: paper).


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